The SASA Celebrates 50 Years

The Saskatoon Amateur Softball Association hosted it’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, Saturday August 2 and Sunday August 3, 2014. The SASA has produced 21 national champions including 12 since the year 2000. It is the only association whose teams have won the Senior A Men’s and Women’s National Softball Championship in the same year, 1969. It is also the only association to produce 4 National champions in one season: 2008 Midget Boys, Sr. Men’s, Jr Women’s and National Collegiate champions. At the end of this season Saskatoon will have hosted over 30 different national or international events including three ISF World Championships.

Famous softball names span each of the 5 decades of SASA history including players like Peter Zacharias, Eddie Swiderski, Shelia Rowan and Vera Pezer from the 1960’s. The 70’s featured the likes of Gene McWillie, Rob Guenter, Ann Tkachuck, and Joan Duprey. In the 80’s, local fans had the chance to watch players like Rob Scheller, Jay Sim, Pat Wegner and Irene Wallace come into prominence. The 90’s produced stars like Olympian Jacki Nichol as well as Team Canada players such as Terry Wallin and Dale Dirks. The 21st century kept up the tradition producing players like national teamers Dean Holien and Keith Mackintosh, Olympians Dionne Meier and Erin Cumpstone as well as national teamer, Heather Ebert. Recently we have our newest local member of the Women’s National Team, Megan Gurski and the newest member of the Men's National Team Devon McCullough.

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