Saskatoon Amateur Softball Association

General Rules


• All SASA League games start at 6:45. Home team has 3rd base dugout or bench.

• Home team will take FIRST – 5 minute warm up, which MUST begin 20 minutes prior to scheduled game time. No outfield warmup is allowed at GHP or BVI

• Second games of double headers at GHP and BVI start 15 MINUTES after completion of first game, regardless of the time. Please be ready to play. (8:15pm earliest).Men’s Team must be ready for possible 2nd game start at 8:15 pm-Games can start with 8 players and add players as the game progresses, if you start the game with 9 you have to complete the game with 9

• Ladies Division Double headers are schedules to start at 6;30 pm . The first game of the double header will be 5 innings and the second game of the double header will be a minimum of 5 innings and a maximum of 7 innings .The overall goal is first game 5 innings , 2nd game 7 innings

• One inning maximum after 20 runs total have been scored. This means. If the team’s total runs are 20 or more after any inning then the next inning will be the last inning played.

• Please cooperate by showing hustle at all parks and all games.

• Throwing helmets or bats may result in immediate ejection and be subject to an automatic 1 game suspension

• Foul language will not be tolerated at any time by the league or the umpires and may result in a game ejection and will be subject to an automatic 1 game suspension.

• City of Saskatoon Bylaw – Absolutely no smoking at any Softball Facilities, grounds, stands, dugouts.

• An ejection from a game results in an automatic 1 game suspension for the following game. Suspended person is not allowed to be in any capacity at the ballpark while serving the suspension. The Coaching staff of the team will be notified via email of all Suspensions.

• COURTESY RUNNER: CAN be used for the catcher when there are two outs in the inning, and the catcher is on base. The courtesy runner will be the player who most recently preceded the catcher and is available to take over the catcher’s position on base. Example – if the catcher is in the 6th position and the person in the 5th spot went out OR already scored, he/she would be the courtesy runner. If that person was on base, the person in the 4th spot would be the runner etc. This does not necessarily mean the 2nd last out

• All teams must be dressed in matching uniforms

• Borrowing of players is allowed providing they are affiliated with Softball Saskatchewan.
A player cannot be picked up more than 3 times for all teams. (This rule came into play from our previous rules because we now have cross-over divisions. See example
i.e. let’s say Bob/Jennie gets picked up by team A for one game then by team B for a game and then team A again for another game. HE/SHE has now been used 3 times and can no longer be picked up to play for any other team.

• Winning team in ladies divisions is responsible to deliver the game sheet to the announcer’s booth at Bob Van Impe Stadium. Please ensure all information is included – winning and losing pitchers, home runs – on the front of the sheet. LEGIBLE NAMES- Ladies Division games at Glen Reeve Diamonds, please take your game sheet to Bob Van Impe Stadium (Announcers Booth) and they will call in your scores – PLEASE CALL SCORES IN NO LATER THAN 10PM @244-9611


• Game tied after 7 innings…..1 extra inning with international tie breaker rule in effect. Games after 8 innings shall remain tied. This rule comes into play IF only 20 or more runs have not been scored before the 7th inning.( i.e the 2 teams have scored 20 runs in the 6th and our tied after 7th the game stays tied and no 8th inning is played.)

• Remember to let us know by July 5th  if your team will not be competing in the playoffs. Your Division Coordinator will be contacting all teams via email to confirm your participation within the SASA League Playoffs, Please forward an email to the SASA Registrar

• Within the Ladies Divisions, the Home Team is responsible to supply a Scoresheet and scorekeeper. Each team to supply 2 new balls per game and 2 used balls. All teams are supplied with Lineup cards. SASA supplies all teams with score sheets , lineup cards and 24 new game balls

• Game Protests – Policy is for any reason you are protesting a game, the Umpires but be notified prior to the completion of the game; the protest must be then forwarded via email to the Protest Committee Chairperson within 8 hours of the game completion. The protest must be in written form only. The Chairperson of the Protest Committee will then initiate the process.

• No player can participate in any SASA League, Playoff or Exhibition game without being listed on the SASA Team Roster. The addition of players on rosters will be communicated to the SASA Communications Officer 72 hours prior to the game this player will participate in. The SASA League has requested that all teams register (17 players & 3 Coaches) there teams electronically on the SASA Website no later than April 30th . Please utilize the Electronic League Roster document that is located within the SASA Website



• . The League final roster must be finalized by June 1st

• No players are allowed to register after the June 1st  date unless authorized by Softball Saskatchewan

DEFAULTS: First game will result in $300.00 of the performance bond being removed and the 2nd game defaulted will result in the remaining $150.00 bond being removed. The team would then be required to pay an additional $450.00 Bond immediately and be under review for league participation for the remainder of the Season-League Policy there are no defaults!!

• Each league has a coordinator who is willing to assist in getting games switched etc. if a team requires a specific date off. Any switching of games will be in communication with the registrar and League Coordinator 10 days prior to the original scheduled game

League Registrar – Bobbi Ryan – 306 880 4807
Men’s Division –Brooks Penrod -306 280 5229 -
Ladies Division –Lawrence Beatty - 306 229 2042 -



Bob Van Impe Stadium Call in Number 244-9661

All teams will receive a text message by 515 pm daily to announce any game cancellations