We have now confirmed the SASA Divisional alignments for the 2020 season. We have a total of 13 Ladies Division teams & 13 Men’s Division teams.  Scheduling (20 games each) will begin today with Men’s & Women’s team's leagues starting July 6th.

 All teams will receive their respective games balls, Sanitizers, lineup cards, games sheets on Wednesday, June 24th at Bob Van Impe Stadium, ticket booth 7-830 pm.  All teams will be supplied with 6 bottles of Sanitizing spray and 3 dozen new game balls to follow the sanitizing rules for balls & bats.

 All teams will be assigned 3 practices starting Tuesday, June 23rd to Thursday, July 2rd – this means SASA will rent and assign the diamonds for practice to ensure all teams get the required practices. Note at this time we anticipate the city allowing us on the diamonds on June 23rd but that is not confirmed. Click on the links to download the: Women's Practice Schedule 

 Important game considerations


All teams must follow SASA/Softball Sask return to play guidelines. 

Please note that in order to play you must be a member of Softball Sask. To be a member you must be on the team roster submitted to our league website and sent to Softball Sask. You must also complete the attached waiver form or assumption of risk form  (note the assumption of risk form for those under the age of 18). These will be collected by the team and handed into SASA or scanned and e-mailed by team. Everyone on the roster must have a completed waiver form to play.  

All women’s teams will fill out the Return to Play Health and Safety sign-in sheet for coaches and any spectators that are there with their team. They will attach this to the game sheet when prior to returning it to BVI. The game sheet will represent the attendance of the players. The gatekeepers and scorekeepers will handle this for the men’s leagues. This is important for contact tracing in case of an outbreak. 

There will be no concessions this season at Bob Van Impe Stadium or Joe Gallagher Field and admission will be charged.

Teams and officials are asked to come dressed to play as GHSC is not allowed to open any dressing rooms. 

Washrooms will be available at BVI and Joe Gallagher only. Portable toilets are not feasible at this time as they have to wipe after each use. 

The defensive team will need to have at least 6 balls ready in a sanitized container i.e. bucket. All balls will be sprayed or wiped down before re-entry into the container.

Documents to download; SASA Return to Play Guidelines,  Health and Safety Sign-in Sheet,  U18 Wavier form, Adult Waiver Form,